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About Us

AMS is the nuclear industry’s first choice for instrumentation and control system test equipment, training, and services. We provide the worldwide nuclear industry with products and services to measure I&C performance and verify compliance with technical specifications and regulatory requirements.

AMS products and services cover a wide range of technologies from in-situ measurement of dynamic performance of I&C sensors to rod control system diagnostics, digital I&C equipment qualification, wireless technology implementation for equipment condition monitoring, cable testing, management of aging of critical plant equipment, online calibration monitoring of process sensors, computer-aided testing, and development of specialized data acquisition equipment and data analysis algorithms in support of reactor operation and maintenance.
What Our Employees Say

The biggest benefit working for AMS is you always have the chance to learn and do new things. We are able to do exciting things and develop new ideas.

Casey Sexton

Cable Services Group Manager

What attracted me to AMS was the family oriented atmosphere and the company’s potential for growth in the nuclear industry and beyond.

Kayla Poland

Administrative Professional

Each day is filled with new activities that help develop and deepen skillsets. AMS is not a job where you come to work and do the same thing over and over.

Craig Harris

Electrical Engineer